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Languages bring people together all around world. Every single day.

In 2013, four friends from different countries decided to come together to help others feel what they had experienced through their own language-learning stories:
more connection with the world and the people in it.

This is why Wibbu was created.

We see a future where language learning isn’t just about passing tests and getting a job, but about forging connections across cities and countries around the world.

We want people to realise that speaking another language gives you an opening into a whole new world of other people’s beliefs, thoughts, opinions and ideas. And it allows you to share yours with the rest of the world too.

We are currently based in London – a melting pot of nationalities, religions and cultures. As a team of game developers, linguists, and language teachers, our goal is to make foreign-language learning more relevant to young people today.

You may know us from our recent language-learning mobile video game Ruby Rei. After ranking at #1 in the App Store Education category in 20 countries around the world, our aim is to continue to innovate, and to change the way we think about language learning.

Language is our connection to the world.