Our mission is to motivate people to learn languages year after year by offering engaging products that show them the power of language.


We started out as four friends working from our front living room unable to even afford our heating bill. We had to build homemade radiators out of ceramic plant pots, Ikea tea lights and tin foil.

Now we’re a team of 15 friends – game developers, linguists and language teachers. We build awesome video games to learn languages. And we can now afford our heating bill.


3D Artist

We’re looking for a talented and passionate 3D artist with great vision and awesome people skills to join our team.

We would really love to hear from you if you specialise in stylised 3D environments or concept work!

Game Designer

We’re looking for someone to lead the design of our next game with audacious creativity and a love for bringing people and ideas together.

We’re particularly interested if you’re passionate about level design, balancing, and building beautiful interconnected worlds.


We’re a group of diverse individuals with one very common goal: to connect people around the world through language.

We love learning, and we love teaching. And we genuinely love working and spending time with each other.

Some of the fun stuff:

  • Spontaneous yoga sessions in the middle of the day
  • International team lunches every few weeks where everyone contributes to the feast!
  • Nespresso coffee on tap, and lots of healthy snacks
  • Lunchtime gym group – if you’re into that stuff…
  • PS4, Xbox and N64 connected to a big projector
  • Food delivery of your choice when working late
  • Option shares granted to every employee
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We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.